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TRAEXS currently offers a free music podcasts, the monthly updated TRAEXS Music Podcast, and links to further podcasts of an associated site, The Podcasts are free to download and also free to perform and can be used in mashups and the like. One may subscribe to the Podcasts by RSS Feed to receive the newest versions regularly. Information about the music and artists is available by the particular podcast pages. This page contains general information about the licenses of the particular music tracks. Information about music, artists and licenses is also included by mp3 tags at the music files.

The music played at the podcasts is either licensed by a creative commons license, a license art libre or available by own arrangements. There are several forms of creative commons licenses, which are indicated by CC beside the particular music tracks. One find further information about the cc licenses at the creative commons homepage. The license art libre is indicated by LAL. For further questions and business requests you find contact information at Terms of Use and Contact.
Podcasting Information, Resources and Software Recommendation
Podcasts are a kind of on demand media. One may subscribe to podcasts by a newsfeed. By the newsfeed one get the regular updates with its music files delivered by the newsfeed. Feed subscriptions can be handled by standard up to date web browsers. In the case of podcasts there is also special software available, which is able to play the music files and store them at particular folders. Furthermore there is a range of software, which enables to store the files at other devices and especially at mobile devices. A subscription to a newsfeed is useful to receive the regular updates automaticly without visiting the website.

Further resources like podcast directories at TRAEXS are available at podcasting. Professional information about doing podcasts and podcasting tools are available at FOLDEN.INFO at the rubric Podcasting.

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