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TRAEXS is a directory on music and film, video and webcams with own podcasts, which is associated with a couple of other online entertainment pages mostly in german language but internationally accessible.

For those sites there are music and film clips wanted to become featured at the podcasts or at a video homepage. By interest on both sites features of music will be free. Beside free features a paid integration especially at the directories is possible. Further information on a paid integration is available at

Some information: The TRAEXS directory is part of a web publishing project, the FOLDEN Internet Portfolio ( Both pages, the german and english parts, do reach several thousand monthly visitors.

The aim of this page is to faciliate contacts and to arrange the introduction of songs at the podcasts as well as possible further activities. Concerning further activities there exists a comprehensive knowledge on internet marketing (s.a. FOLDEN.INFO).

So if you are interested, please use this possibility and contact by email. If you do make a serious offer but do not receive an answer in about 2 days (this service may suffer by general problems occasionally, too), please contact by phone (+49 (0)30 4352591).

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