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It is like in real life, the online music scene seems to become an event culture. The last post covered the live recording service Evermix, now and after a while follows

Chew is a music site made by musicians for music lovers and djs as well. The platform shows live video streams and enables to stream own performances live onto the net. At its about page Chew describes itself serving amateur djs as well as upcoming and professional musicians. Up to now 90000 shows have been produced and shown to a worldwide audience.

How live streaming works is described at getting started, furthermore an API is available to developers.

Live streaming today is a hot topic, sure. This concers popular topics like music or gaming as well as it is worth at all. A problem to streamers is to serve the various platforms. If this concerns you, the article Meta Live Streaming Service for 30+ Platforms is a recommended read. But simply listening is possible, too:

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Coachella Music Festival Live on YouTube

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a yearly event in California. The festival happens on two weekends starting on 13th April and is streamed live on YouTube this year. To get further information visit the festival homepage Coachella and to listen to the music and view the stream visit Coachella @ YouTube.

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Live Music Portal

Stageit is a live video portal enabling musicians to perform in front of viewers and music listeners with the latter enjoying the performances for free. Musicians may show what ever they want, what in the case of Stageit means broadcasting a special event from anywhere or broadcast a concert or event. Especially broadcasting some private sessions from home or within a studio seems to be a nice idea, which enables fans to listen to something extraordinary and both parties to communicate over the integrated social networking facilities and chat. For more visit Stageit.

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Just great: A Live Music Portal

Just great stuff is the live music portal Awdio. Around the clock the service is making live streams of music events available, which do happen around the world. Beside real live streams the site offers time shifted listening and an archive with recordings. For during listening a free registration is necessary, elsewise the music will stop after a couple of minutes. Get more at the Awdio homepage.

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Live Online Jazz Music

The Smalls Jazz Club, in brief Smalls, is an institution to jazz fans in New York and described by “New York’s Cutting Edge Jazz Club“. Every evening jazz concerts take place, which too are broadcasted live on the internet. Up to date concerts are announced at the schedule and may be viewed by live streams here.

To all who are not in time to watch a live session an archive is available. Who like to thank for the service or wants to buy a recording may spend some money at the live streaming page or get downloads at the Smalls Live Label shop. For more visit the homepage of the Smalls Jazz Club.

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