DJ Live Video Streams

It is like in real life, the online music scene seems to become an event culture. The last post covered the live recording service Evermix, now and after a while follows

Chew is a music site made by musicians for music lovers and djs as well. The platform shows live video streams and enables to stream own performances live onto the net. At its about page Chew describes itself serving amateur djs as well as upcoming and professional musicians. Up to now 90000 shows have been produced and shown to a worldwide audience.

How live streaming works is described at getting started, furthermore an API is available to developers.

Live streaming today is a hot topic, sure. This concers popular topics like music or gaming as well as it is worth at all. A problem to streamers is to serve the various platforms. If this concerns you, the article Meta Live Streaming Service for 30+ Platforms is a recommended read. But simply listening is possible, too:

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Live Streams from the London Club Scene

Boiler Room shows in part live and recorded audio / video shows from London and may be described in the range of the new kind of internet radio and tv services, including its podcasts. At the homepage one finds a lot of information about live events, new music releases and anything else being important like lifestyle fashion. Both recordings and live shows are available by particular sites with the latter being anounced at this page and on Facebook. The podcasts are available via iTunes. For more visit Boiler Room.

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Live Music Broadcasting

mixlr is an audio and musik broadcasting service to stream live on the internet and on social networks, which offers a good quality for little money. The service is available for about just 10 Dollars. But whereas capacity may be added the service is rather suitable to small broadcasters or events by guaranteeing its availability to just 100 listeners. Nevertheless and having a look at the internet radio scene this might be a good solution.

The broadcasting happens by the installation of a software on a computer and to promote a live event on the web tools to integrate a stream at Facebook and Twitter are available. To get further information visit the faq, how to start and the mixlr homepage.

Further information about professional broadcasting services by the way is available at streaming media solutions at FOLDEN.INFO.

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Live Radio and Video Broadcasting

Live internet streaming for sure is a trend in 2010. Live streamng at the internet is becoming more and more popular. Often started as webcam communities today live streaming services are offering an opportunity to everyone to start a live channel for personal purposes and fun or in a professional way. Beside big events on YouTube watched by millions of users the live networks, Stickam and UStream are most active, too, already scratching the reach of millions users for particular events.

Here in this private, semi professional and professional broadcasting environment ubroadcast is coming up with a new business model for audio and video broadcasting. Similar to the mentioned services ubroadcast is offering easy to manage live broadcasting facilities and features like social media integration by an embeddable player. A novelty is the announcement of a pay per view function, which probably will realize revenue opportunities. In the range of live streaming services such a feature is only known by the UStream Partner Program (s.a. the related faq at UStream). Further information about ubroadcast is available at the faq of ubroadcast.

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Live Music Concerts streamed into the Internet

With a further live video streaming service has launched, which broadcasts music concerts live into the internet. The service starts with free broadcasts and may offer paid streams later. Further features of the site are chats, where visitors may talk to each other and to the artists.

Musicians and organizers may take use of the service in autumn. Information about this feature is available on the site only in german language for now but will become available in english soon. Events may be streamed to the public or to a limited audience. To promote such events tools like widgets will be provided..

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