Making Videos on Facebook

To make music and videos online by collaboration there are various software applications available. Now with ClipTogether comes a tool to collaborate on creating a video on Facebook. The application has functions to invite friends, to upload video clips and other materials like photos and to work together to make a video. Up to now ClipTogether enables to create videos to be used on Facebook only with other features announced for the future, which will be enhanced to work more comfortably on the creation of videos and to share the created work on other networks, too. For more visit the ClipTogether homepage.

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Internet Radio and Web Player for Websites

iRadeo offers an easy to install internet radio service to be installed on websites. The setup simply happens by uploading music or audio files. After doing so a web player is generated to be installed on sites. The player may be customized by colors and an own logo. The fact that there is no limitation regarding the number of listeners makes it a most comfortable solution.

The service is available by a free and a premium version. An overview of all functions is available by the tab features at the iRadeo homepage.

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