Online Media Center for Music

Bitspace is an innovative online media center for music, which enables online storing and organization of files and music and which offers a player. Innovative in this case does not concern providing online storage for music, but the way it is realized. This might need some explanations. The service is designed by using HTML 5 with HTML being the programming language to create homepage and HTML 5 being the latest version. This version has some innovative features regarding audio and video by enabling to access media without the need of a media player software. Listening and viewing happens just by using a modern browser like Google Chrome or Safari by Apple. Another advantage of HTML 5 is the ability to access media on mobile devices regardless of the software installed. For sure these features are an upcoming trend with a couple of well known sites like YouTube already using or testing this technology.

For further information about Bitspace a website tour is available. A further review is available by the ReadWriteWeb blog.

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Music Portal with DJ Sets and Live Recordings

A great new music website is launched by The site is dedicated to dj’s, clubs and labels introducing their music, sessions and shows. This means sets and live recordings directly from the club scene. Primarily there is techno music and electronics, but too reggae and jazz. Actually the site has a volume of 12000 dj sets available to become listened at the website. The proprietory player is able to filter particular tracks from within a set to become discussed at the wiki of the website. At the same time by upload facilities is a promotion platform for dj’s, labels and clubs.

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