Website Audio Player Widget

BlogAmp is an online service for audio hosting and does supply an audio player widget. The player plays both internal as well as external hosted audio files and podcasts. Podcasts become streamed by using the feed url. As a widget the player may become installed and shared at various social networks. The basic service is free and works with externally hosted files by using feeds or playlists.

Flux Media Sharing Widgets and Communities

Flux is an online service for music promotion by media sharing widgets and online communities. There are three different service offers, two variations of widgets and a whole community solution. Widgets are available in a simple version and a more comprehensive one with profiles, social graphs and a community page. The community solutions provides complete social media portals. All versions enable to share multi media files at the social web. Actually all services are free, which might change according to the faq in the future. A further interesting aspect is that all communities hosted by Flux are connected and open by the same login data to users. By this every user of Flux is a potential customer to an own community.

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