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International and Mobile Internet Radio

TuneIn is the name of a new and international online radio. The service lists real radio stations and makes them available on the web and on mobile devices. It is available in about 20 languages and offering both access to local and international stations. Furthermore the stations are assorted by the genres music, sports and talk shows with the genres again being assorted by particular topics like music styles.

Beside its great choice the service is offering some technical innovation by being accessible on various different devices, which means on the web, by mobile devices, equipped cars and connected home entertainment devices. For more visit TuneIn.

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Internet Radio with Techno Music and Psy Trance is playing a variety of progressive electronic music. At the homepage a cube appears reminding on a radio device, what it is indeed. But the variety only comes up while playing around with the cube, which is a navigational tool. Whereas each corner has the same inscription, the arrows are showing in various directions and do point to different content. By this different genres of electronic music become available ranging from psy trance to techno and chill out. Also news may be submitted, infos about tracks are shown and there are voting functions as well as options to personalize. So to listen to some electronic music and play around while listening visit

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Google introduces new Musik Marketing Technology

Google, which just has been subject of the former post about new services around Google Music, has introduced a new technological standard to index information about music and music files available within websites, which concerns the development of music sites. Introduced has been a set of Rich Snippets tags enabling the display of available music at sites within the search results. By this searchers now become aware of the availability of music files at sites appearing within search results. More about the new function including technological details is available by the official Google post A new rich snippets format for music.

Here by the way is another interesting article about the development of the online music space and the distribution of music, which states that new media in general as well as social networking means have led to a broader choice of music at all and by this to a change of the consumption of music.

The implications of the new broader, flatter distribution of music taste

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