Live Streams from the London Club Scene

Boiler Room shows in part live and recorded audio / video shows from London and may be described in the range of the new kind of internet radio and tv services, including its podcasts. At the homepage one finds a lot of information about live events, new music releases and anything else being important like lifestyle fashion. Both recordings and live shows are available by particular sites with the latter being anounced at this page and on Facebook. The podcasts are available via iTunes. For more visit Boiler Room.

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Online Music Distribution

Like formerly introduced services to sell music online also enables to distribute and sell digital music online at various well known online stores. Selling by using happens by uploading music tracks, which starts with affordable prices of just US $ 1,29 per track and month. If someone has sold 1000 albums whitin a years, the fees will be paid back and additionally special conditions are offered to labels. Furthermore a couple of applications to promote the music are provided like a commerce enabled music player to be installed within homepages or social media sites. For more visit

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Social Network for Musical Instruments

The social network Tonall specializes musical instruments and in everything around. The network enables people to share knowledge and to list their instruments. This is accompanied by a marketplace both of instruments and all services needed like repair or lessons. Last but not least the site provides articles and news. For more visit Tonall.

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Music Video Charts at YouTube

YouTube has launched a new chart service especially dedicated to music videos. Following various general ranking services like the latest and most comprehensive service YouTube Trends, the new service located at is the first one just about music. And it is comfortable by listing charts of various genres.

As a YouTube service the new charts are important and interesting at all. But there is another peculiarity compared to other chart services usually listing just commercially created music videos. The YouTube chart service lists both commercially created music videos as well as videos created by users and independent artists and the like, which is a great pool of creativity by counting user generated videos in the sense of mashups and some great independent music maybe not found elsewhere. Further information about the service is available by the official blog post about the launch of the service and at the YouTube Music Charts Portal.

The YouTube 100 music chart is live

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Open Source Music Software

The Create Digital Music blog has published an article about open source music software and does introduce some applications to create music within this article. The introduced software needs a linux system. This is symptomatic and equal to own research regarding free open source to create music or to work on films and videos. So to those who want to use open source software to make music or videos it is recommended to have a look at the open source operating system linux or to use always up to date webbased software, which is listed at Online Music Tools within the TRAEXS Directory.

Making Music with Free and Open Source Software: Top Picks from Red Hat, Dave Phillips

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