Online Music Making Software

A new online music making software has been launched by UJAM. The online suite is provided by a startup, which just came out of beta and which is available to the public now. The webbased music making software enables members to compose and produce as well as to publish their music. Furthermore the music software is equipped with sharing facilities to show the made music to friends and others on the net. For more visit UJAM.

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Daily Deals for Musicians

Daily deals sites are popular and well known for their short time offers mostly of just a couple of products. A new breed now comes up, Mashable reports, targeting the market of musicians. First is Hello Music, a site listing opportunities for musicians in the style of classifieds, which started a special deals section lately prominently placed on its homepage. According to the article the already covered music download blog RCRD LBL will follow with an own daily deals service soon. To get some further information read the article Musicians get a new Daily Deals Site.

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Internet Radio with Artist Submissions

earbits is an online radio managed by musicians and enthusiasts. The service is operating completely without advertising and does not require a registration. There are various genres available, which are listed at the homepage. Just a click and the player starts immediately with further information about the music within the pages. The music and performance is good and musicians are invited to participate by the link music submissions. To find out more visit earbits.

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Innovative Digital Music Instruments

Digital media has brought up a lot of innovative services and devices and as the ongoing boom of social media services or the mobile internet demonstrates this trend is continuing. The same is due to hardware with the latest example of the introduction of tablet computers and to digital music instruments in particular. Tablet computer is a right keyword to describe some innovations in the range of digital music instruments, which are handled by touch screens instead of buttons and controllers. Some other instrument may even not become understood by viewing them. By video eight examples of innovative digital instrument are introduced in the following article: Music Tech: 8 Digital Instruments for the Cutting Edge Composer.

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Broadcasting Tools by Shoutcast

Shoutcast, one of the most established online radio services providing a great choice of genres and known for and by the Winamp Media Player, now provides various Broadcasting Tools. The provided applications do need more technical skills than the lately introduced webbased broadcasting service mixlr and is dedicated to mid- and experienced users, the site mentions. The provided applications may be used for broadcasting in general and to stream content to the Shoutcast Directory.

Last but not least again the hint to the lists of professional broadcasting services available at streaming media solutions by FOLDEN.INFO.

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