Party Music Playlists

The music download and podcast site (without the s like traexs, but associated indeed) has arranged the podcasts and mp3 downloads of the site into playlists ready to play hours of free party music. The genres are techno (minimal to psy trance), chill lounge with electronic grooves and new age and last but not least jazz ranging from acid jazz to late night and funk. All playlists are completely free of comments and adverts to be listened on your party. Current updates are available by the free podcast subscription, which by the way works on equipped smartphones and the iPhone as well. To start listening or get the podcasts visit

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Live Music Broadcasting

mixlr is an audio and musik broadcasting service to stream live on the internet and on social networks, which offers a good quality for little money. The service is available for about just 10 Dollars. But whereas capacity may be added the service is rather suitable to small broadcasters or events by guaranteeing its availability to just 100 listeners. Nevertheless and having a look at the internet radio scene this might be a good solution.

The broadcasting happens by the installation of a software on a computer and to promote a live event on the web tools to integrate a stream at Facebook and Twitter are available. To get further information visit the faq, how to start and the mixlr homepage.

Further information about professional broadcasting services by the way is available at streaming media solutions at FOLDEN.INFO.

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The first ever Augmented Reality CD

You may be aware about augmented reality or not. In entertainment and on mobile devices this feature displays additional information by turning a cam, a webcam or mobile cam, on an object to fetch information mostly located at the internet to be displayed on the screen and which even may be interactive. Now the spanish agency Musikame has put such information on a cd cover enabling to interact with content. By turning the cam onto the cd cover one is able to use a sound machine and to scratch and perform other tasks. This might be a bit complicated, especially if you are not aware about augmented reality. So have a look at the videos within the following article: Augmented Reality CDs into DJ Tools; DJing with SoundCloud, Clock Faces, More.

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Online Music Distribution with SongCast

Independent musicians are wooed like nothing else today. Beside a broad range of indie platforms for music sharing alone and in combination with business opportunities there are numerous services dedicated to the online distribution of music and selling music at premium online music platforms. A further service to distribute and sell music online is SongCast.

SongCast is offering the service to both independents and labels. The music becomes distributed to various online music portals, where the music is offered for sale. The service does not require exclusivity and has a couple of further useful features like daily stats for iTunes, a profile page at the iTunes social network Ping, the consideration within charts, social media marketing tools and monthly payments. Further features are artist profiles and the promotion of new releases. Last but not least an affiliate program is available to webmasters. To get further information visit SongCast.

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Live Broadcast of the YouTube Play Award honors best Creative Video

YouTube will broadcast the announcement of the winners of the YouTube Play award live on the internet. The award is a cooperation of YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum. By the award the best 25 videos will be choosen by a jury and exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in an exhibition called Biennial of Creative Video. You may watch the live broadcast at the YouTube channel of YouTube Play.

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