Review of Mobile Music Software

The Audio Silver Lining blog has published an article with a review of mobile applications and software to create music. Even by natural restrictions regarding the size of the surface some of these applications have the complete features of a studio software and may be useful in particular situations: Mobile Platforms & Music Production.

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Song Lyrics Resource

BatLyrics is a comprehensive and resource on song lyrics. Song lyrics may be found by a search engine or directory. The latter is alphabetically assorted and accessible by lyrics, artists, albums and news covering latest submissions. Further more there are charts available for artists, lyrics and albums. Adding new stuff is possible by joining the service. Get more at BatLyrics.

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International Business Network for the Music Industry

music2deal has relaunched its international business network and marketplace for the music industry and introduces new functionalies primarily regarding networking facilities. Both artists and music companies may represent themselves at the service to connect and to find new contacts for gigs, music production and licensing. The service is active in 30 contries and has about 4000 members. To get further information visit music2deal.

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Article about Online Music Collaboration

Up from the beginning webbased music software has been an issue at the blog and TRAEXS Directory understood as an innovative option to make music online and for the music business. Such applications are listed within the directory at Online Music Software and Tools.

Such online music software enables webbased music production or mixing and the online collaboration of musicians to exchange ideas or to make music together by being connected by the internet. The following article is reporting about the state of the art and the effects on music production and business.

How the Cloud will change music production forever

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