Podcasting is hot again, really hot

Lately this blog supposed that podcasting is hot again, because of the appearance of new services. Now the topic has become big coverage by a couple of publications both the most wellknown newspapers like Washington Post and Wall Street Journal and well known online publications like Mobile Marketer.

So what is really happening? Despite of not often becoming mentioned by its in some way technical term podcasting (like it is described in the already mentioned article) the subscription to media downloads (which is in some way synonymous to subscribe to podcasts) today happens everywhere. Subscriptions to podcasts even reached an every time high in October 2014 by 39 million people in the US listening to downloads being available by subscription. One reason of this broad adaption is the easy access by smartphone usage. The second reason relies on another new technology not less wide spreaded. This is the availability of new media devices within cars, where people now are able to plug there own media once again by smartphone connection or by connecting usb sticks and the like.

These facts indeed are giving a boost to the original podcasting technologies and new services are popping up again. Some of these new services are the lately covered Pocket Casts (podcast client), Audello (podcast marketing) or the already formerly launched blubrry (podcast creation) by RawVoice (media hosting and tracking).

To get an idea what podcasts beside music are able to cover and why these are a great mean to special interest and niche marketing, here are two specialized networks aka directories: The first one is marketingpodcasts.com, which of course is about marketing, and the second is Podcast on Fire being just about asian cinema.

If you like to dig deeper into the podcasting scene, there are some specialized news services like Podcaster News. More of such news services you find within the TRAEXS directory at Podcasting and at FOLDEN.INFO, a comprehensive online marketing resource covering news within two blogs about online marketing and media (Podcasting.

Last but not least here are the articles mentioned above by Mobile Marketer, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal:
Video blogs, podcasts help marketers reach niche audiences on mobile
Podcasts are back — and making money
‘Serial’ Is The Hottest Show Of The Fall — Do Marketers Need a Podcast Strategy?

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Crowd Funding of Music Projects

rocketfuel is a new service to support musicians to finance their music projects. It is one of the latest crowd funding services enabling fans to support their favorite musicians.

To do so fans have the options to either get a reward or merchandising stuff or just to make a donation. Fans of course stay informed about the proceedings of a project and may support it monthly as well. What is nice is that 100% of the money given by fans goes to the musicians: rocketfuel.

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Song Reviews by the Crowd

The crowd matters. Just the former post reported about a new breed of crowd funding to finance concerts. This is followed by crowd sourcing to get reviews for music pieces.

The both services Audiokite and SoundOut are providing services to get ratings of songs and music tracks. The music pieces are introduced to a larger audience to give feedback to musicians. The background are real market research methods, which lead to valid reports. Even radio shows are used to get the feedback. Both services have a comprehensive service offer, which is described at the homepages of Audiokite and SoundOut.

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Music Business News

Did you know, music companies make more money online by licensed music than with official music versions. Licensed music in this case means mashups, lip-syncs and fan videos at YouTube and the like. At all the online music business gains steam with digital revenues increased from US$ 4 billion in 2008 to US$ 5.9 billion in 2013. Currently the growth primarily is driven by subscription services: Music Labels make more Money from Mashups than Official Videos.

Such kind of news mostly leads to new services supporting or using such a trend. In the context to the news above OpenAura and Audiam have to be mentioned. OpenAura enables musicians to claim material often being shared online, which is worth even to old press releases and photos. Audiam does this regarding YouTube videos and enables to monetize each view of any kind of video using music of an artist.

Last but not least some information about the price index of subscription services. The following article includes a list of subscription services and the money these services give to artists per stream: New Music Streaming Price Index compares per Stream Pay Rates.

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Crowd Funding of Music Projects

ArtistShare has been founded already in 2003 and by this it is probably one of the oldest platforms on fan funding around. The platform enables artist in general and especially musicians to gather money for projects. There are even stars like Ute Lemper represented looking to finance their projects. And by ArtistShare even some Grammy nominees and winners have gathered money according to the About page. The principle is simple, fans may support their favorites by small money and do get something special like prereleases. To get further information about the projects and how to participate either as a fan or creative visit the homepage of ArtistShare.

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