Real Stock Exchange on Music Rights

TweelX is a real and just launched stock exchange to trade music rights. Real stock exchange means a publicly registered marketplace for stocks with stocks being shares of particular songs. This becomes possible by a lately change of the related US regulations according to the press release about the launch of the service.

This is how TweelX works: Musicians or song writers do submit a music piece. By doing so others are enabled to invest in this piece of music by buying stocks. There are just five stocks available to each music piece, which each represents five percent of revenues generated by the piece. The revenues comprise sales as well as other revenues generated e.g. by licensing. The stocks may be traded on the platform, which in addition gives to investors the option to generate profit by selling the stocks. The company by the way is located in the center of country music in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here you find further information for musicians and investors, the press release is giving some further information about the background of TweelX.

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Download of Live Recordings and Business Opportunity to Musicians

Just lately the live recording service came out of beta and is now providing its services to download live recordings and the app to record events to the public. Musicians are able to download the app, to record their events and to sell the recordings at the homepage.

The service is located in Austin, Texas, and up to now only recordings made in Austin are available at the homepage, which is because of the app being available just since the beginning of September. But has ambitions. The service got money by investors and aims to make revenues of 100 million in five years, which probably needs a global expansion. An argument to reach this target is a general trend toward live events in the music industry and a test of the app showed that about 15% of visitors of events have bought the live recording. To get further information visit the homepage of

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Mobile App Creator with Soundcloud Integration

Who uploads music files to Soundcloud and aims to be available on the mobile internet should try Appy Pie. Appy Pie is an app builder enabling to create mobile apps without the need of programming skills. It has an integration with Soundcloud to get the content into the app and does provide a comfortable service at all by being compatible to all common mobile app platforms. The service is available in a free and various premium versions to be distinguished by prices and features. To learn more visit Appy Pie.

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Event Promotion by Music Player

To market your music event stereoposter is providing a great and sharable music player. The site, which obviously points to the social network Pinterest, is providing the music player and enables to enrich the player with information about an event and a feature to sell tickets. At all it is a nice idea to provide some examples of the art and giving a feature to those who like it to jump in immediately. Of course the player is sharable and by this describing it as a pin probably wouldn’t be wrong. To get further information visit stereoposter.

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