Online Market for Music created by Order

AudioDraft is the name of a new online marketplace enabling media producers to ask for music productions made by order. The idea is to be a mediator between musicians and producers seeking music for particular purposes like video games or online video and the like. This all happens by producers creating contests, which may be choosen by musicians to participate. For more visit AudioDraft.

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Online Music Business Services

A brief overview of new services for the online music business, specialized services for the social media marketing, public relations and the management of the online music business.

Onesheet is the social media marketing service. It is an aggregator service to present various social media activities in one profile page. By this Onesheet provides an additional presence and an easily to communicate internet address letting fans find and choose their social network of preference to connect.

StereoGrid enables public relations for musicians by connecting to the press and influentual websites. The site is targeting both, musicians to send out informationn and the press and websites owners to get information. Information means either news like press releases or even the direct introduction of music.

Last but not least here is Artist Growth, a management application for the music business. The platform enables to manage data about events and finances and the like. By the integration of social media news may become distributed and data about sales of tickets and merchandising being captured.

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How much Bands earn Online

The interesting question how much bands and musicians may earn online is answered by the band Uniform Motion, which has posted its own experiences with various well known online platforms to sell music. The data provides some insights into the play to pay ratio of online sales as well as earnings by offline sales. Here is the original post by Uniform Motion and the following article is giving a more neat overview: How Much Does A Band Earn From Each Music Platform? Uniform Notion Shares The Numbers.

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