Music Business on Snapchat?

Snapchat is still fast growing and both one of the most popular mobile messaging services and social networks. It has about 400 millions users and it is stated that it is growing faster than Facebook. Furthermore it is compared to Facebook regarding video consumption. Latest figures are stating that Snapchat users are consuming above six billion videos each day.

So what about the music business? By the popularity of music videos at all one may expect that a big part of videos accessed via Snapchat are music videos. But there are various opportunities to foster your music business on Snapchat like the integration with other services, using the particular features for promoation and to promote music or events. The following Hypebot article has summarized some strategies and is given a further introduction to Snapchat: A Beginners Guide to Snapchat for Musicians.

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Music Streaming growths faster than expected

Music streaming services are a trend, this is clear for a while already. But according to an up to date study this way to access music online has grown faster than expected.

According to a study by Parks Associates now 66% of U.S. citizens with broadband access are subscribed to an audio streaming service. Surprising as well is the ranking of the top services. It is Amazon Prime Music on the first position followed by Pandora One and Spotify.

Opposed to the success of music streaming services, there is still the need of ongoing develop of a matching business model. The reason is that the larger part of subscribers is using free versions. A possible option may be high quality audio: Surprising New Study Shows 66% Of U.S. Streams Music, Amazon #1 Paid Music Service.

But the business model of the music streaming services must not concern djs and musicians. They are able to reach a large amount of music fans and may monetize their music, because the music streaming providers are paying them by stream nevertheless. A service to distribute music on various music streaming services, which may be recommended by own use, is RouteNote.

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Selling Music Online

To sell music online you may use RouteNote. It is a kind of aggregator to distribute music to various online music stores as well as to various music streaming services. The latter includes Deezer, Google Play Music and Spotify. Depending on the kind of distribution by stream or sale the revenues are either paid by sale or stream as well.

RouteNote offers two versions to distribute and sell music, a free and a premium version. The free version is based on revenue sharing. Using the premium version the seller gets the whole revenue. Furthermore both options differ regarding the required file format. At the free version mp3 is required. The premium version offers further formats and is currently starting to offer the option to upload high-res-audio. The option to be able to upload mp3 is something unique by the way as most services ask for wav files. To get further information and start selling your music visit the homepage of RouteNote.

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Music Community and Business Network

Muzicol launched to give another boost to the music business online by its modern community network enabling fans and musicians to interact and to let professionals find new contacts.

The service embraces mostly all features available today by social and business networking. At first it is a community enabling all participants both fans and professionals to either find new music and to share it or to get in contact to boost the own music career. This includes even crowd funding to finance music projects and to let fans participate in business. Labels and locations are invited to participate as well, which on one side means being able to manage multiple accounts and on the other hand to get interested acts or to live stream an event.

Musicians are served well by Muzicol. There are profiles with multimedia features to upload pictures, videos and an unlimited amount of tracks. The same happens to locations by being able to promote an event and to sell tickets. To learn more visit Muzicol.

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YouTube Guide for Musicians

The video sharing site YouTube is providing a broad array of resources to creatives to be successful regarding the creation and marketing of their videos like the Creator Hub. Now a special version of this hub dedicated to musicians and the creation of music videos has been launched. YouTube for Artists provides tips, tricks and tools and informs about success factors as well as it teaches to engage the audience and how to find new fans. Furthermore the site has several partnerships with radios and other services to promote music externally. One further activity of YouTube are the YouTube Music Awards, which happened just a couple of weeks ago.

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Podcasting 2015

To podcasting the latest article of the last year has been dedicated and the first article of 2015 is starting with podcasting.

As formerly reported there came up a couple of new podcasting services. And how it happens I visited a networking event about the topic and become aware of two further interesting new podcasting tools, which are introduced below.

At first there is podlove, a most comfortable podcast plugin for the blogger software WordPress. One of its numerous features is a function to devide text posts and podcasts. The plugin generates two different surfaces to create common posts and podcast episodes and generates as well a different feed to let fetch just the podcasts. SEO functions are integrated as well, which enables search engines to index the audio or video content.

Spreaker is the second service. It is a media hosting service. Beside podcast hosting it includes tools to distibute podcasts and analytics features to measure the success. Furthermore the services enables recording both via the web and on mobile devices. And what might be described as most exciting is a live casting feature, which may show where the future development of podcasting is going to.

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