Online Music Business Services

A brief overview of new services for the online music business, specialized services for the social media marketing, public relations and the management of the online music business.

Onesheet is the social media marketing service. It is an aggregator service to present various social media activities in one profile page. By this Onesheet provides an additional presence and an easily to communicate internet address letting fans find and choose their social network of preference to connect.

StereoGrid enables public relations for musicians by connecting to the press and influentual websites. The site is targeting both, musicians to send out informationn and the press and websites owners to get information. Information means either news like press releases or even the direct introduction of music.

Last but not least here is Artist Growth, a management application for the music business. The platform enables to manage data about events and finances and the like. By the integration of social media news may become distributed and data about sales of tickets and merchandising being captured.

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Online Music Distribution

Like formerly introduced services to sell music online also enables to distribute and sell digital music online at various well known online stores. Selling by using happens by uploading music tracks, which starts with affordable prices of just US $ 1,29 per track and month. If someone has sold 1000 albums whitin a years, the fees will be paid back and additionally special conditions are offered to labels. Furthermore a couple of applications to promote the music are provided like a commerce enabled music player to be installed within homepages or social media sites. For more visit

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Social Network for Musical Instruments

The social network Tonall specializes musical instruments and in everything around. The network enables people to share knowledge and to list their instruments. This is accompanied by a marketplace both of instruments and all services needed like repair or lessons. Last but not least the site provides articles and news. For more visit Tonall.

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Daily Deals for Musicians

Daily deals sites are popular and well known for their short time offers mostly of just a couple of products. A new breed now comes up, Mashable reports, targeting the market of musicians. First is Hello Music, a site listing opportunities for musicians in the style of classifieds, which started a special deals section lately prominently placed on its homepage. According to the article the already covered music download blog RCRD LBL will follow with an own daily deals service soon. To get some further information read the article Musicians get a new Daily Deals Site.

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Online Music Distribution with SongCast

Independent musicians are wooed like nothing else today. Beside a broad range of indie platforms for music sharing alone and in combination with business opportunities there are numerous services dedicated to the online distribution of music and selling music at premium online music platforms. A further service to distribute and sell music online is SongCast.

SongCast is offering the service to both independents and labels. The music becomes distributed to various online music portals, where the music is offered for sale. The service does not require exclusivity and has a couple of further useful features like daily stats for iTunes, a profile page at the iTunes social network Ping, the consideration within charts, social media marketing tools and monthly payments. Further features are artist profiles and the promotion of new releases. Last but not least an affiliate program is available to webmasters. To get further information visit SongCast.

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