Growth at the Podcasting Business by Podvertising

The podcasting service provider blubrry reports within a blog post about growth in the podvertising busines, the placement of adverts within podcasts. The revenues in the 2. quarter alone have increased by 31 %. The earnings are shared with the podcasters, who may either participate by using the service ot host their podcasts or by submitting existing podcasts.

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Wizzard Media offers new Monetization Opportunity to Podcasters

Wizzard Media, the world’s largest podcast network, is offering a new monetization opportunity to its podcasters. According to Podcating News the service introduced an in app purchasing feature for its iPhone app. The Wizzard Media iPhone App is customizable and now lets users buy podcasts through the mobile app.

Participation happens by being a member of the Wizzard Media community, which requires to host the podcasts at libsyn. Further information on participation in the Wizzard Media Network is available at the Overview for Producers at Wizzard Media. Get further information about the new features of the iPhone app by the following article of Podcasting News.

Wizzard Announces New Ways For Podcasters To Make Money

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Tips to make Money with Podcasts

Mashable has published an article with a couple of tips to earn money with podcasts. The list consists of practicable tips made by successful podcasters. A precondition to success of course are listeners, which gives a good reason to list podcasts at podcast directories.

9 Successful Techniques for Making Money from Podcasting.

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Podcasting in Realtime

The realtime web is one of the hottest trends on the internet. Opposite to this the newsfeed format used for podcasts usually works with a delay. There are several up to date initiatives to prepare feeds to reach the speed of the realtime web (s.a. Realtime Blogging) and some providers of blogging software like WordPress have already updated their software to enable the distribution of news in realtime. But not every podcaster is using such software.

A post by reports about a method to prepare podcast feeds for the distribution in realtime. According to the source code of the example feed named within the article the realtime service of is used for this. Below is the article by, which includes the feed example.

Do RSS Clouds Matter For Podcasting?

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