Free Tekno Scene

Techno is loved and hated, often commented by being monotone. This might be caused by prejudice or definition. At all techno has many sites, but is indeed devided in numerous genres or subgenres like house and deephouse, trance, psytrance, hardtech or dubstep, depending on the beats per minute. This brief introduction is a transition to the term Free Tekno, FreeTek or Tek, which according to Wikipedia is a cultural movement and subculture. It is the scene of wild and not announced festivals often happening in wilderness or old buildings and just announced within the scene.

This scene is present at the site, which is designed like a modern music portal with many information and music. The site offers an online radio and various video streams and clips. Furthermore there are a lot of links referring to local sites, social networking groups and forums. Even events are announced on a global level. For more visit

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Netlabel Radio playing Electronic Music is both an online radio and netlabel playing own music and music of other netlabels. The genre in general is electronics ranging from house and techno to minimal and experimental. Furthermore played tracks are downloadable licensed by some kind of creative commons licenses. For more visit

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Internet Radio with Techno Music and Psy Trance is playing a variety of progressive electronic music. At the homepage a cube appears reminding on a radio device, what it is indeed. But the variety only comes up while playing around with the cube, which is a navigational tool. Whereas each corner has the same inscription, the arrows are showing in various directions and do point to different content. By this different genres of electronic music become available ranging from psy trance to techno and chill out. Also news may be submitted, infos about tracks are shown and there are voting functions as well as options to personalize. So to listen to some electronic music and play around while listening visit

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Comprehensive Dance and Techno Music Store

With above one million tracks on dance, electronic music of various genres and techno Juno Download is one of the most comprehensive sites for this kind of music. Whereas exceptionally not a free music site, it should be of interest to fans because of various information including several kind of charts, information about weekly and even daily new releases. Furthermore there is a special rubric about new genres. Juno Download is the online presence of Juno Records, a store in London, which covers about 1500 new releases every week. To your listening pleasure previews are available.

Similar services are available at electronic and techno music.