Music Market Trends

The growing importance of online media on the music market is obvious and causes people to buy less hard copies like cd’s and dvd’s. Some current figures about the music market do come from the Global Music Forecast by Strategy Analytics.

According to this research the decrease of hard copy sales is about 12 %, which nevertheless by about 60 % still have the largest market share. The online business is dominated by music downloads having a market share of 80 %. But this will change in the future and decrease as well. The most promising and upcoming business models are expected to be free streaming services financed by advertising and subscription services, which replace music downloads. The latter and also called on demand services are expected to pass the revenues generated by music downloads this year already. What needs to be contemplated as well is the mobile internet not mentioned within the cited excerpts mentioned in the following article.

Global music trends- Streaming leads growth as physical sales drop 12%

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