Selling Music Online for Free

If you like to sell your music online at the big music portals, you probably know about the typical services enabling this by getting a fee. Now Music Kickup launched its service, enabling to sell on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play for free and which is announced to be the first service worldwide doing so.

These features already have been announced at the beginning of the year and the launch to happen during the Midem music fair. Now it happened and the service is online. Music Kickup itself is describing its services by using a „groundbreaking technology“ and adds that in most cases the music is on iTunes in just a couple of minutes. „groundbreaking technology“ even lets expect more and this is what Music Kickup aims to be. According to an article by Hypebot the makers of the service have ongoing ambitions by aiming to change the way musicians are working and cooperate. An amazing announcement with a groundbreaking feature at the beginning: Music Kickup.

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